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We were established in 2018 with the aim of providing quality solutions to all software development problems. We believe that technology is the future and it is therefore prominent that businesses develop a technocentric approach using it to grow within their industry of work. It is within our line of work to assist businesses to transform and optimize their operations through the provision of software development such as mobile Apps, DeskTop applications and API.


We offer you these professional IT services

We offer our clients Android apps developed using Google Android’s Native Libraries Java & Kotlin, same as for iOS development, developing high end native apps using Swift or Objective-C.
We also specialize in cross-platform app development using Google’s Flutter framework.
We finally publish apps to Google, Apple and Huawei app stores.

Our services leverage the reliance, scalability and security of cloud platforms to provide a framework for integrating your disparate systems. Cloud service integration allows us to integrate multiple environments, so you focus on solving your business problems rather than struggling to manage technology.
Services include: Data migration, API Gateways, Network Routing, Server Hosting,

Microservices is an approach to building an application that breaks its functionality into modular components. APIs are part of an application that communicates with other applications.
Languages - Java, Nodejs, Python, C#, .NET

Client-focused, customer-centric, creating website solutions that deliver tangible business results,
Languages/Frameworks - Angular, Reactjs, HTML, Vanilla JavaScript, WordPress, Wix

Our services help you integrate enterprise applications, data, and processes in the most efficient way. Our team of experts creates outstanding custom integrated solutions, which connect applications to help you grow your business organically.
Examples: Invoicing system, Timesheet system, Inventory systems, Fleet management & tracking systems
Outputs: Desktop software, Online/Web application, REST APIs

We assist organizations to embrace data and unlock opportunities for growth and understanding.
Examples: Monitoring how the users engage with systems
Providers: Google analytics, Custom Analytics, ApsFlyer Analytics

Our E-commerce offering includes the creation of a mobile app with personalized store branding and publishing of the app. Your customers will have the ability to download the app from their preferred app store , shop and engage with your business through the App 24/7.
The Store administrator will be able to manage, monitor and control inventories, deliveries, sales, discounts & much more through the App




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    Requirement Analysis

    Before we start building, we help the client to develop functional requirements that clearly describe how the solution is expected to work.

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    Once we have cleared the requirements, we develop a constrained plan to deliver the solution.

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    Once the plan is in place, we start building with the future in mind.

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    Delivery & Testing

    We provide continuous delivery to allow the client to keep on testing their solutions throughout the project lifetime.

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